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[icon] keri
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Current Music:jamisonparker
Time:10:11 pm
Current Mood:nerdynerdy
i wanna see corpse bride \m/

1.)Sum up "life" in one word?

2.)Would you chop off your second toe for ten million dollars?
ya sure why not

3.)The opposite sex in one word?
annoying <---i second that also immature

4.)Favorite country to visit?
i've only been to mexico but would like to go to aruba

5.)If you had one power what would it be?
mind reader

6.)On a scale of 0-10 how important are you to society?

7.)What psychiatric condition can you most relate to?

8.) Most important characteristic in a significant other?
trustworthy, humor, things in common

9.) Benz or Porsche?
carrera gt

10.) Whose job is better a doctor or a lawyer???

11.) What famous people you have hung out with?
taproot, papa roach, alien ant farm, onesidezero, pnut from 311, linkin park all other bands/people i've just met

12.) Greatest Rock Band of All Time?
311. come on now

13.) Evolution or Religion?

14.) Democrat or Republican?

15.) Cheat or Fail?

16.) Do you believe in public executions?

17.) What sport do you dislike the most?
ones that are gay

18.) How do you cope with problems?
depends what the problem is

19.) Favorite cartoon as a kid?
rainbow brite, alvin and the chipmunks

20.) Oprah or Ellen?

21.) One thing you were made fun of as a kid?
my chicken legs? lol

22.) What would you do if you were morbidly obese?
Gastric Bypass

22.) Would you give up one day of life for everlasting peace in
the Middle East?

23.) Would you give up one day of life to bring back the Mc.Rib
mc rib as in mcrib from mcdonalds? if so no thats gross

24.) One favorite saying?
everything you do comes back to you whatever it may be.

25.) Do you believe it is inappropriate for a couple to drink a small quantity of each others blood as a symbol of their love?
yes its disturbing
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Current Music:letter kills
Subject:ugh ugh
Time:12:51 am
Current Mood:depresseddepressed
that subject explains it all life sux dammit. work sux. school sux. people suck. im wanting to quit working at the daycare. its just so ridiculous there. we'll see what happens cuz if i leave i dont know what they'll do but do i care helllllls noooooo haha. i like workin with kids tho, ya they can be annoying but for the most part its fun. i'm still single and lonely :'( boo. not like i was expecting to have a bf or anything now but vday is soon and it just sux not to have a valentine. my x bf is trying to get back together with me, eventhough he totally just stopped talking to me for no reason...really where do i find these people? let me try to think of a nice normal guy i've dated..............o yah there aren't any. i wanted to go to 311 day in memphis but am i going, nope. how much would that rock tho. that is like the ultimate show ever. i'm crossin my fingers for 07 maybe nola will be back up by then. i should be happy tho since im goin to florida in a few weeks. i'm checkin out full sail and some apartments in the areas. i'm so just gonna lay by the pool and tan and go swimming. i have to try and get into shape before then. i've been goin to jazzercise. it's actually a lot of fun and u sweat like crazy its disgusting lol. it makes me miss dancing school. if i didnt live so far from the place i used to go to i would probably go still. it was a lot of fun. i haven't decided which place i want to go to i think maybe sea world haha i want to swim with the dolphins that would be rad. i'm not stayin that long only for like 5 days, i just hope it'll be good weather. i know it doesnt get hot this time of year there like 70s which is better than like 40s lol. Lata
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Current Music:the Ataris
Subject:the movie dune is in my chocolatey drink
Time:04:29 pm
Current Mood:confusedconfused
haha i saw this and thought it was pretty funny and pretty tru..
you know you're a hardcore 311 fan if. . .

~You get excited when the time is 3:11 or 8:16 and of course 4:20
~You've considered Omaha as a possible vacation spot
~You've given yourself whiplash while rocking out to any song of theirs
~You've wanted to get yourself a '69 Lincoln with suicide doors
~You watch for 311 license plates, addresses and phone numbers
~Your answer to adversity is "fuck the naysayers"
~You knew of Incubus, No Doubt, Deftones, Hoobastank, Black Eyed Peas, NOFX, and Korn probably before most of their "fans" did
~You know who Bobby was
~You know what the following mean: ETSD, FTBS, WGTH, BTGS, CUTM, SJRTR, WDYD, DLMD
~You've affectionately called someone "Star"
~You've told the real story behind the bands name
~You know who Saint, Pat, Joan, Peter and Adam are
~311 Day is a bigger holiday than your birthday
~You think it's fate when your total purchase comes to $3.11
~You're both excited and sad when Nick says "there comes a point in the evening..."
~You can match 'Led Zepplin', 'Sugar High', and a Lakers jersey to the right guys
~You've got a strong aversion towards "friendly to the radio" music
~You know who's West side and who's South side
~You've watched ETSD & ETSD2 a billion times
~You've made special mixed CD's for each of your friends in subtle attempts to convert them
~You've met some of your favorite people on BB or at a show
~Your favorite parts of 50 First Dates were appearances by 'Amber' and 'Rub-a-Dub'
~Any car ride is a party with all of the albums
~You have pictures so old that Chad and Nick have long hair and Tim is tat-free
~You've attempted the 311 Milk Challenge
~You're savvy enough to catch "mistakes" in the live shows but loyal enough to keep them to yourself
~You've scolded someone who's shrugged off 311's music and are tired of the very old and stupid rumor people still talk about
~You've searched for or found The Hive
~You've traveled out of state to see them
~It's been a goal to learn every lyric
~You know who Jim Watson and Ward Bones are
~You've cried or felt like crying listening to Beyond the Gray Sky
~Any of the bandmembers recognize you from a previous encounter
~You know who's got the herb
~You know the real words are "check the technique" not "check, check"
~You can shout "P-Nut, beat that thang!" with a straight face
~You're goal is to conquer three hundred and eleven shows
~Your life philosophy includes the ideals of unity, positivity, and "millenium niceness." You remind yourself that, "life's not a race" to "take care of yourself and someone else," and to "stay positive and love your life"
~You cringe when non-hardcore 311 fans say they love "Down" or "Amber" (even though you do too)
~You've been truly inspired to hear music differently or even learn to play
~You're torn between wanting them to stay out of the mainstream and wanting everyone to like them
~You know you are a hardcore 311 fan if everyone else knows you are too
example: being known as 311 Girl or 311 Boy
~You broke up with a girl or guy because they didn't like 311
~You noticed the 311 poster in the movie 'Fight Club'
~You cannot name a single favorite song
~You know who Jake and Emily are
~You get mad goosebumps when hearing certain parts of songs, even though you've heard them hundreds of times
~You have a cd case designated for only your 311 albums and live stuff you have found online
~When you see a crappy car go by say "that's an awesome car!" only because it has a 311 sticker on it
~You mark your calendar and stay up super late to catch them anytime they are on t.v.
~You see someone at a random place wearing a 311 shirt, and you want to just give them a big hug.
~Everyone who knows you feels obligated to tell you they saw 311 on TV.
~Someone pronounces it three-one-one and you almost puke
~You do not dance, can not dance, would not dance... Unless you're at a 311 concert up in the stands because you couldn't get a floor ticket -- and you dance like your life depends on it, and don't give a fuck what the naysayers think.
~You feel sorry for those who don't know the splender that is 311
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Current Music:amber pacific
Time:08:00 pm
Current Mood:coldcold
well for starters, my work is closing out, meaning they're closing. so for the next month or so i will be working there as much as i can cuz they want me to help pack up shit and stuff like that. when i stop working there i'll only be working at the daycare. i haven't decided if i'm going to get another job. i need to start saving like crazy if i plan on going to florida in september. which brings me to the next thing that has changed. i've decided to change my major. it's going to be in music. the school i want to go to is in florida called full sail. if i get it i'll be going to get my associates in recording arts. which is kewl you get to learn how things are recorded and all those button thingeys in a recording studio. then i'll get my bachelors in entertainment business. after that who knows. i want to something like an a&r. the school is right by orlando. they don't have any dorms or anything, you have to get an apartment. so i'd have to get a roommate. i was looking online and apartments aren't too expensive down there, no where near nj or ny prices. you can get a decent 2 br/2 bath for like 8 or 9 something a month ...which isnt too bad. where would i get this money? idk. i know i dont want to be living here much longer. yah i'd miss people and things here, but i just feel like theres nothing here for me really anymore. sometime in march or april i'm gonna be going down there to look at the school so i'm excited for that. me and matt broke up in like august. all i can say is what an ass and i'm glad i got rid of him. i was upset for like 2 days maybe lol and we were together for like 2 years. i sometimes miss him, but not really. i wanted to break up with him a long time ago, but i never did... he made me feel like i was the only person he had ..which was true. i felt as though if i broke up with him he would have nothing. i was always the one buying him things and doing everything for him. but i'm just that type of person, always there for people... but no one is ever there for me that's how i feel most of the time. but i just felt bad for him. he didnt have any family that cared for him. he always told me that i was the only person who ever loved him and he wouldn't know what he'd do without me. to think of those things that he said to me and the way he ended things just confuses me completely. it's scarey to think you know someone but you truely don't know them at all. i would've never thought he would do that in a million years. anyway he can kiss my ass. my baby gizmo passed away in september :( we let our cats go outside and we live by a busy street and she was got hit by a car. we think she was probably chasing something since she was killing everything in sight like birds and chipmunks. i was so sad. she was the kewlest cat ever, she looked like gizmo from the gremlins and she liked to be petted with ur feet lol. we got a new cat. her name is princess. shes half persian and himalayian hehe. she has bright blue eyes. shes so cute. hmm what else? saw 311 last week. i can't believe i've seen them 18 times. yes you read that right..18. they played use of time :-O but no eons :-( and it was 38$ to park i almost fell over. this is too long. lata.
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Current Music:sevendust- goin back to cali
Subject:its been some time..
Time:06:21 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
hello. as usual i haven't updated this thing for a really long time. not like anybody still reads this. school has finally finished, well not forever but atleast for the summer. i did alrite i can't complain i guess. i did really good in math. suprisingly. next sememster will be 10x better :X i got anatomy and physiology hell yes i can't wait. suuure. psychology which will be a repeat since i withdrew cuz it sucks but this time im taking it online and i have an easy teacher as everyone has said. & english 2. i need one more class, still don't know what i'm going to take. i'll decide sometime. work has been a ok. i can't wait till july so i get my raise. some good shows are soon to come. Taproot and Chevelle. and yes its summer so that means i will be seeing 311 as usual. I can't wait till the new cd. btw i got a 311 tattoo. yes it hurt. yes i want another one. Probably more stars but who knows when ill do that. I'm going to Tampa for vacation. I've been checking prices and everything. Not too bad I guess, be better if it was free :D It will be me and matt going. We'll have lots of fun, drunken nights. I want to swim with the dolphins and manatees and hope they don't eat me.
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Current Music:the end of heartache- killswitch engage
Time:04:17 pm
Current Mood:weirdweird
how ya doin. i havent written in here in a while i guess. so whats been goin on...same ol with work. they're building a new part onto the office and everyone's rooms are starting to get switched around. they probably won't be done with it till mid next year. i got to decorate their xmas tree too, it looks nice too ;)
i went to claus fest last week it was good. we missed chevelle cuz they played first:( i thought franz ferdinad would've played first but i guess not. korn was good. we were up real close cuz we had floor vip. i think i was up on the tv a few times i was like ahh noo. matt had off like 3 or 4 days last week which was nice since he works like everyday and we can never see each other.
im finally gonna be starting school in january. i'm taking psychology(again),math, english (online), medical terminology, and personal health and wellness (online) it doesn't seem that bad but we'll see when i actually start. i can't wait to get my lap top. i miss having my own computer in my room. i wanna get one of those cool printers to go with it. like 3 more months till i'm 21 :D :D :D :D :D it's on a saturday too hehe :D
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Current Music:follow - breaking benjamin
Time:10:38 pm
Current Mood:deviousdevious
my goodies my goodies my goodies not my goodies...
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Current Music:offspring- cant get my head around you
Time:06:06 pm
Current Mood:chipperchipper
i guess it's been a while since ive updated this thing. nope i haven't been busy either lol. not too much has been new really except for the fact that i wont be goin back to school in september. i got a tutor and will be goin there till like december then goin back to school in january. which is a good idea and i get to work a little more. saturday i'm goin to see 311 . holla. sunday too. holla. then vacation to jones beach which should be good times. i'm goin with my mattey. we'll probably just chill and go swimmin and go to the beach. they have a splish n splash over there so probably go there. well that's all for now . heres a lil survey for ya'll....
[ series 1 ]
Birthday:march 5
Current Location:randolph,nj
Eye Color:blue
Hair Color:blond
Righty or Lefty:righty
Zodiac Sign:pisces
[ series 2 - your favorite ]
Cartoon:south park
Color:blue, red, purple
Car:lancer evolution Viii
Slushy Flavor:cherry or lime
TV Show:nip/tuck,SVU,jeopardy ;)
Song at the Moment:first straw-311 .. broken-seether
Spice Girl:eee
Food & Beverage:diet coke. diet ice.
Subject in School:pass
Weekend Activity:chillin, sleepin ;)
Frozen Yogurt:vanilla
Roller Coaster:steel force @ dorney park or chiller @ 6 flags
[ series 3 - what is ]
Your most overused phrase:holla
First thing you thought when you woke up:work sux
Last image/thought you go to sleep with:i love sleep
First feature you notice of opposite sex:eyes
Best name for a Butler:George
Wussiest Sport:lacrosse
Your best feature:eyes
Your greatest fear:bugs and heights
Your greatest accomplishment:graduating hs?
Your most missed memory:good times with old friends
[ series 4 - you prefer ]
Pepsi or Coke:coke
McDonald's or Burger King:wendys
Single or Group Dates:single
Adidas or Nike:etnies
Chicken nuggets or Chicken fingers:fingers
Dogs or Cats:both
Rugrats or Doug:spongebob
Single or Taken:taken
Monica or Brandy:poop
Tupac or Jay-Z:terd
Shania Twain or LeAnn Rhymes:feces
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:nestea
One pillow or Two:4
Chocolate or Vanilla:vanilla
Hot chocolate or Hot cocoa:cold cherry lemonade
Cappucino or Coffee:orange juice
[ series 5 - do you ]
Shower everyday:yes
Have a crush:a lil more than that ;)
Think you've been in love:yes
Want to go to college:in
Like high school:not in hs
Want to get married:yes
Type correctly:yes
Believe in yourself:sometimes
Have any tattoos? Where:1 on back . . . more to come
Have any piercings? Where:eyebrow,tongue, 2 in bellybutton
Get motion sickness:sometimes
Think you're a health freak:nope
Get along with your parents:yes
Like thunderstorms:yes
[ series 6 - the future ]
Age your plan to be married:87
Number and names of children:2 or 3.. girl-brielle star, hailey .. boy-brandon, justin
Where will you be at age 20:i am 20 lol
Dream wedding:a pretty one
How do you want to die:fast and painless
Dream job:anestesiologist haha be good if i could spell it
Country you'd like to visit:arubA
[ series 7 - opposite sex ]
Best eye color:blue
Best hair color:dark
Short or long hair:not short not long
Best height:6'4 is good lol
Best weight:190
Best clothes:pacific sunwear stuff
Best first date location:loud concert lol ;)
Best first kiss location:when its dark and starry
[ series 8 - other ]
Last time you slept with a stuffed animal:do my kitties count?
Rings before you answer the phone:2
What's on your mousepad:dell lol
How many houses you've lived in:2
How many schools you've gone to:4
Bedroom carpet color:ivory
Shave your head for $5,000?:hells no lol
Stranded on a desert island. Take three things. No people:music and cd player, food, ozzie (my car) ;)
Best time of your life so far:7,8th grade...10th grade...now

Series 1-8 brought to you by BZOINK!
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Current Music:my way - limp bizkit
Time:08:21 pm
Current Mood:crushedcrushed
;) ima do things my way its my way my way or the highway ;)
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Current Music:bounce - thousand foot krutch
Subject:look what i can do
Time:10:04 pm
Current Mood:ditzyditzy
whats up kids. hm i havent updated in a while...maybe cuz i dont want to bore everyone ;) guess who's bday is in 1 day. MEEEEEEEEE. im gettin so old..the big 2-0. i have one day left of bein a teenager and ill be spendin it at school. yay. after like 3 months of there not bein any good concerts around all of suden theres a couple i wanna go to...hoobastank/lostprophets ; incubus ; pod/blindside ; 311 even tho i dont know when or where but i know there comin hehe.
i finally got my report card in the mail ..like 3 months after the semester was over but anywho i got 2 c's , 1 b and a c+ and only 3 credits lol so sad. i gotta go in the summer to get some more credits and cuz i gotta take an english class too and try to get outta there as quickly as possible lol. my classes this semester are aight i guess. my psychology teacher is zeedeveel i know we have a test comin up and seriously we ehave to know about 60 or 70 words and like 15 people where there from and what school they went to n whatnot :x
work has been good. they asked me to work more hours since ive only been working like 10 or 12 lol. so im startin to work like 20 a week which doesnt bother me cuz i could use some Xtra $$. the only good thing about work is 1) the kitties.thyre soo cute :D and 2) i now have my own little room .. ya its not mine really but i like to say it is. so i got a cd player n get to listen to my own music instead of italian opera/ country.
it seems as tho as i get older the friends list gets smaller. i know i go to school an all but thers no one id actually hang out with. and work well..there all a lil on the old side. i gotta find some normal people but for some reason i have a feeling i wont be finding any of those in the nj area. thats def one of the reason i wanna leave. goin to study some sociology :D :(
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[icon] keri
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